What Are the Best Sources Online For Buying Discounted or Low-Cost Laptops

If you need a computer for your home and enjoy the freedom and portability that a laptop gives you, but if you cannot afford a new one, consider searching one of the many sources online for a low-cost notebook computer. Often, brand-now low-cost laptops are available that work just as well as new ones, but at a fraction of the price.

Auction Site Ebay

One great source for low-cost laptop computers is an auction site. At any given time, sites like Ebay and Yahoo have a multitude of auctions running for cheap notebooks, which you can find by searching for the brand in which you are interested from the home page. Just place your best bid on the one you are interested in the most and hope for the best. I hope that your bid will be accepted and you will have your new (to you, at least) laptop shipped to your home.

One great source for low-cost laptop computers


Another source for discount laptops is a leading Ecommerce website Shopingkart. The advantage of buying a low-cost laptop computer from a site like this is that the postings on your particular version of the site are local to you. This means that you can just drive over to the person’s house and see for yourself if the laptop works well and if you like it or not. You also can save a lot of money for shipping, since notebook computers are not cheap items to ship, due to their weight and value. Moreover, since you are picking it up, you are assured that it will arrive at your house safely, and will not be damaged in transit (unless you get into an accident on the way back home).

Do Review the websites

To determine which brand of laptop is the best and holds up well over time, consult a website or publication like Consumer Reports, or CNet. Sites like these will have laptop ratings and reviews and can tell you, which brands are the most durable, which will help you decide what kind of laptop to buy since you are not buying it new.


So if you really want a laptop but do not want to pay a full price for the same, you can find a cheap laptop at an online auction site, or on an online ecommerce site such as Shopingkart.com. Just remember the old adage of “buyers beware”, as there are no guarantees when buying used items from private parties.


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